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TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake


Dual-control, cable-operated, passenger-side brake for professional driving instructors, CDRS evaluators and parents during the period of graduated driver licensing with their teen.

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Replacement Parts and Supplies

Instructor Rear View Mirror More Details: SKU-RVM $35.00
Aircraft Cable 64" (fits most vehicles) More Details: SKU-64 $36.00
Aircraft Cable 7 ft. (for larger vehicles) More Details: SKU-7 $42.00
Flex Housing 3 inch Extension More Details: SKU-3 $14.75
Flex Housing 36" More Details: SKU-36 $38.00
Floor Mount Bar More Details: SKU-FMB $18.00
Lock Block More Details: SKU-LB $15.00
Locking Pin More Details: SKU-LP $14.00
Spring More Details: SKU-SP $9.00
Flex Housing 19" More Details: SKU-19 $28.00
Hardware Pack More Details: SKU-HP $6.00
Tube Ext. 9" More Details: SKU-9 $19.00
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